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Leasehold Knowledge Partnership

The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership is a registered charity (number: 1162584) and the secretariat of the All Party Parliamentary Group on leasehold and commonhold reform chaired by the MPs Sir Peter Bottomley (Conservative), Jim Fitzpatrick (Labour) and Sir Ed Davey (LibDem). They are also the patrons of LKP.

The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership exists to protect ordinary leaseholders who get caught up in the leasehold game. Most don’t know the rules, and yet they are up against professionals for whom this form of tenure can be highly profitable.

How does being accredited by LKP make a managing agent more reliable and trustworthy than one admitted to membership of ARMA or ARHM?

Several reasons:
The managing agents cannot also be a freeholder.
They cannot be beholden to a single freeholder client.
Most of their management is for resident management companies.
They have to agree to the accreditation process: easy access and frequent accounting as is stated on LKP web site
There cannot be inter-company contracts (kick-backs).
References are scrutinised and the referees are ordinary leaseholders.
If a managing agent goes over to the dark side, which would be a failure of the LKP process, they will be publicly thrown out of the organisation.
LKP is not a trade body, or involved in property management.
LKP is a campaigning body with a strong editorial ethos to address the inherent unfairness’s in leasehold management.
Managing agents sign up to that ethos, or they can go elsewhere.
the biggest and richest managing agents in the country, which have long held the whip-hand in both the organisations above and which have obvious conflicts of interest, would not be eligible for membership of LKP.
  • "Since changing managing agents I am constantly impressed by Dna’s commitment to customer service, nothing is too much trouble, I would definitely recommend them."

    David, BS41

  • "I am really impressed by DNA’s commitment to saving us money, and would like to thank them as changing managing agents has really saved us a lot. Thank you Dna."

    Steve, BS1

  • "As a female student living in a shared block security is my top priority. Dna really care about the residents and deal with problems really quickly. I snapped my key in the door and Dna had someone there within 15 minutes."

    Katie, BS8

  • After having a bad experience with another management company. Dna were like a miracle! They even started us off on a three-month trial to help us build confidence.

    Gary BS4

  • I have complete confidence and trust in Dna to manage our building with honesty and integrity, they are completely transparent. I would highly recommend using them.

    Marie BS8

Why use DNA?

DNA has been providing block management services to clients in Bristol and the South West for more than 14 years.

We’re proud of our exceptionally high client retention rate – our expert property management team go out of their way to provide a professional, thorough and transparent service producing genuine cost savings without any compromise on service levels for any of your building's stakeholders.

We want our clients to feel reassured with us at the helm - we exceed best practice in every area possible, to ensure that clients can use us with confidence.

Choosing the right management company in an unregulated residential leasehold sector can be a daunting task. DNA takes the risk out of property management by following codes of practice and insurances above and beyond the legally required industry standards.

We are regulated by The Property Ombudsman (TPO), Client Money Protection (CMP), Leasehold Knowledge Partnership (LKP) and Bristol’s Association for Letting and Managing Agents (BALMA), which all have strict codes of practice to ensure consumer protection and best practice in all areas of residential leasehold management.


Leasehold Knowledge Partnership

Leasehold Knowledge Partnersnip Being Accredited by LKP makes a managing agent more reliable and trustworthy than one admitted to membership of ARMA or ARHM.


Client Money Protection

DNA went above the legal requirements in 2014 to offer our clients independent safeguarding on any money we hold on your behalf. Should you need to, you will be able to claim against the Scheme for the return of your money.


The Property Ombudsman

TPO is the UK’s largest government-approved redress scheme. It offers consumers a free, fair and impartial dispute resolution.


Separate client bank accounts

All funds for each block are kept in separate client accounts, meaning your funds will be ‘ring fenced’: not connected to our business funds. Should anything happen to our business, or the blocks we manage, your money will not be affected.


The Bristol Association for Letting and Managing Agents (BALMA)

We are members of BALMA, and as such must comply with the constitution and the rules of the Code of Practice.


Software and reporting

We use RIC'S approved comprehensive block management software, which allows us to give you any number of reports on your block’s performance, as well as log and manage issues. We update this software regularly (which auto generates email notifications), and you can log on and view key details.


Why use DNA?


Why use DNA?

We're easy to deal with, and committed to making things easy for you.

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Contact us

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